Professional Experience
New York,  New York
January 2002  –  Current
Provide full range of technology and consulting
services to diverse client base, such as foreign
currency brokerage, financial services, real
estate, architectural/commercial construction
and entertainment (author & filmmaker).
  • Probed to gain full understanding of client's
    needs.  Presented options to help them fully
    leverage their time and remain focused on
    the tasks at hand.
  • Maintained networks, systems and portable
    devices to ensure maximum uptime.
  • Provided hardware/software support and
    training to increase ROI.
  • Designed an electronic workflow system with
    document management tools saving client
    time locating references that were gathered
    from various sources.
  • Restored a dozen-employee company's
    system and network connectivity that was
    interrupted for 2 days.  95% of the company's
    activities were Internet dependent.
Shun Cutlery - KAI USA
New York  &  Wisconsin
October 2007  –  December 2015
Manufacturer and marketer of Japanese gourmet cutlery.
Inform consumers about products' quality,
distinctive features and the services wrapped
around it.  Portray benefits through well
conducted demonstration aimed at establishing
confidence between consumers and products’
manufacturer.  Promote branding and future

Comments from store managers
  • Williams-Sonoma" "great job helping guest
    and associates learn more" & "very
    personal and engaged customers".
  • Sur La Table: "extremely knowledgeable
    and passionate as a product demonstrator
    at Shun cutlery. He knew a vast amount
    about the technical details of kitchen
    cutlery, but was also able to relate it in a
    way to my team that increased their
    knowledge and, most importantly, their
    ability to sell. He was a pleasure to work
    with and my team always benefited from
    his visits."
  • Bloomingdale's: "really like you here and
    you sell!!
  • Aided consumers in making more informed
    decisions as to which of the many products
    and services would best fit their needs.
  • Associated generic products/services with
    brand name to ensure that consumers
    looked beyond price and functions when
    weighing consumption options.
  • Created public interest by conducting basic
    knife skills and efficient cutting techniques to
    small/large groups of people.
  • Creatively and analytically found solutions to
    consumer’s questions and challenges with
    face-to-face interaction.
  • Represented Shun on special events and
    trained new demonstrators.
  • Worked with retail stores' sales associates
    to ensure products are being promoted

Consultation request for knife development from
Paul Vab Zuydam, owner of Le Creuset. At the
time of my demo, I wasn't aware who he is,
except remembering his comment:  "I've never
met anyone explain a product like you have..."
Lake Charles,  Louisiana
June 2000  –  December 2001
Provider of integrated voice, data and Internet services to small and medium-sized businesses
throughout southeastern states.
Recruited to direct startup operations and
provide overall leadership for Information
Services Group.  Managed all aspects of daily
company-wide information systems operations
including: HelpDesk services to ensure
customer satisfaction, determined/managed
technology capital acquisitions, installations
and maintenance to continually
maintain/improve systems operations, worked
cross-divisionally to develop/implement new
network infrastructure and application platforms,
ensured network reliability/accessibility to all
employees, and standardized/implemented
Intranet network to facilitate internal operations,
provided internal network security and systems
procurement, and all budget
forecasting/reporting to maintain fiscal
  • Achieved zero downtime for duration (over a
    year and a half).
  • Designed and maintained systems
    supporting company growth from 80 to 300
  • Oversaw 4 direct reports and up to 32 indirect.
  • Oversaw 2 relocations of temporary data
    center en route to permanent location,
    establishing all technologies, systems,
    staffing and operations within 8 months.
  • Assisted with design, engineering and
    implementation of company-wide voice/data
    network including inside/outside plant
    equipment, to provide communications
    network for all facilities located across 5-
    state region.
Century Business Communications, LLC
(subsidiary of CenturyTel)
Monroe,  Louisiana
September 1993  –  May 2000
Provider of marketing services (printing and fulfillment).
Provider of local exchange, wireless, long distance, Internet access and data services.
Primary responsibility included providing
computer software and support to executive
officers; strategic/tactical direction to
development of business solutions, as well as
responsible for all computer/network operations
to streamline workflow processes for efficiency
and productivity improvement.
  • Systems automations increased work
    efficiency 35% to 40%.
  • Led technical staff in upgrade of
    approximately 4,000 workstations.
  • Introduced Internet technologies for E-
    business; designing, developing and
    implementing all electronic and
    computerized applications (including web
    applications, on-line document proofing and
    printing on demand).
  • Implemented bar code systems using
    scanners to facilitate tracking procedures.
  • Supervised delivery of PBX system and
    installed, modified, upgraded and
    maintained LAN/WAN, providing voicemail,
    internal communication improvement and
    increase system capabilities.
  • Documented findings for company
    guidelines and standards.
Delta-Ouachita Regional Technical Institute
West Monroe,  Louisiana
December 1986  –  September 1993
Post-secondary technical school.
Hired as Data Processing instructor and, as
result of self-initiated, internal procedural
upgrade, was assigned additional,
company-wide IT responsibilities.  Designed
and conducted training workshops to facilitate
technological transitions.  Managed area
VAXcluster environment, consisting of
minicomputers, workstations, PCs, repeaters
and terminal servers to maintain operations.  
Provided system installations, maintenance,
upgrades, customizations and tuning to
maximize performance.  Oversaw budget
allocation to maintain fiscal responsibility.  
Served as project administrator in creation of
multi-media library to facilitate faculty, student
research and training programs.
  • Designed and implemented transition to
    office automation throughout institute to
    improve operating efficiency and reduce
    labor cost.
  • Maintained Oracle databases and improved
    network security to preserve integrity of
    student records, as well as upgraded A/P,
    A/R, general ledger, payroll and property
    inventory to improve financial system
  • Served as industry expert and advisor to
    other schools within state vocational system.
The University of Louisiana at Monroe
Monroe,  Louisiana
July 1985  –  November 1986
University of Louisiana System.
Wrote and maintained programs in various
programming languages and databases.  
Trained end-users.  Prepared list processing
commands, handouts/guides and documents.  
Participated in software installation and
SYSGEN.  Performed systems backup and
restore operations  Thorough knowledge of
wiring standards and practices for Data
Communications Equipment.
  • Responsible for editing final draft of reports
    and letters.
  • Adapted a multi-user word processing
    system to handle unsupported printer types.