Entertaining with a Twist

Self-Service Mongolian Barbecue \ Cook-It-Yourself-Stir-Fry
North Monroe Lakeshore LIONS Club membership drive at my house.

50-in 3/8″ thick carbon steel cooking surface – slightly concaved into the middle to contain any liquid.  4 ‘+1 ‘ can cook at the same time. The ‘+1’ has the most important job helping to move the food along before it gets burnt. And he/she uses a long spatula to reach the other side.

Freshly cut meat and vegetables… one can piledup their plate, but by the time it’s cooked, it’s just a few bites.  So they go back for more, and the line goes on and on and on.

No long hours in the kitchen, especially if we have to feed 60+ people.  No clean-up either.  And my dog loved these events – anything on the floor was his!

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